Maintaining Your Garden During Summer

It’s not an easy task to maintain a neat and presentable garden. This is particularly true during the summer months. If you want to achieve a lush and polished look for your garden, then you need to be ready to prepare hours of dedication and work.  

Your garden will begin to look chaotic, abandoned, and overgrown if you choose to ignore its needs. So, here are a couple of gardening London tips that you can follow to maintain your garden this summer. 

Watch Out for Pests 

During the summer months, pest management is very crucial. This is particularly true when almost every harmful animal and insect is active. Staying wary of pests and keeping in check possible infestations is key to maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden. 

Every day, you have to make sure you check for indications of pests. If you can detect them early on, you can treat the issue easily. 

A couple of indications that your garden plants might be infested with pests include: 

  • Animal droppings 
  • Dug up holes in the garden beds 
  • Chewed up roots 
  • Frequent sights of flies 
  • Frequent sights of ladybugs 
  • Slime trails on the plants 
  • Leaves falling and curling up 
  • Chew marks on the leaves 
  • Holes in the leaves 
  • Weird discoloration 

If you see any of the indications above, make sure you look for the ideal treatment and treat the problem as soon as possible.  

Some Plants Require Shade 

Usually, potted greenery prefers shady areas rather than complete exposure to the sun. Because of this, you have to make sure you place your container plants in a shaded place in your garden. Also, you should not leave them under the sun for a long period.  

Else, the heat of the sun can damage your potted plants. In addition to that, the sun can also burn them. Thus, you have to regularly check on your potted greens as a part of your summer garden maintenance.  

Summer Pruning 

Another garden maintenance that you shouldn’t overlook is a shrub and tree pruning. This is especially true during the summer season. Summer pruning helps prevent severe overgrowth. Aside from that, it helps keep your plants healthy.  

Pruning involves getting rid of dead and diseased branches, discarding stems, and eliminating excessive growth.  

Water and Mow Your Lawn Regularly 

Always remember that taking good care of your garden starts with mowing it regularly. However, you have to ensure you follow the right mowing schedule and pattern.  

Most professionals recommend you mow your lawn once a week. The general rule is to cut 1/3 of the grass growth. You should also mow in rows, in straight repetitive lines. Do not mow in a similar direction every week since it damages the grass, promotes diseases, lowers airflow, and compacts the lawn. It’s best to change the direction of the mowing each session. 

Aside from mowing, you’ll also have to water your lawn regularly. Professionals recommend you water your garden 2 to 3 times a week. This will guarantee your grass will stay healthy and green.