Welcome to the world of men’s face moisturizing! It isn’t just for your girlfriend anymore. It can be one of the most powerful steps you take towards achieving healthier skin and fulfilling your skincare goals.? 

Face moisturizer helps protect your skin cells, keeps them hydrated, and prevents wrinkles, regardless of gender or age. It can be intimidating to pick up a moisturizer tailored towards men.? 

Don’t worry, though — we are here to help ensure you find the?best mattifying moisturizer for men. 

What Should You Do Before Applying Moisturizer? 

Before you apply any kind of moisturizer to your skin, it’s essential to make sure you are taking the proper steps first. Start by washing your face with a gentle cleansing product that is appropriate to fit your skin type.? 

Be sure to take off all traces of makeup as well. After you’re done with the cleansing step, take a few moments to use a toner and exfoliate dead skin cells from your face and neck.? 

Once this is completed, it’s time for you to move on to moisturizing.? 

Not only will this help keep your skin hydrated, but it will also give your complexion an extra boost of nutrients and vitamins, which can help keep it looking healthy and glowing! 

When Should You Use Moisturizer? 

Moisturizers are a great way to keep your skin hydrated, supple, and protected from the elements. Whether you want to prevent wrinkles or reduce dryness, maintaining healthy skin is critical, and moisturizer is an integral part of this process.? 

The best time to apply moisturizer is twice a day – once when you wake up and once before bed. By regularly replenishing moisture levels in your skin, you can reduce redness or irritation while improving your complexion’s overall look and feel.? 

Plus, using moisturizer consistently can help you avoid long-term damage caused by exposure to the sun or harsh weather conditions.? 

In short, regularly using a moisturizer is essential to achieving and keeping beautiful skin! 

How Much Moisturizer Should You Use? 

Knowing the right amount of moisturizer to use on your skin can be a bit tricky. Too little, and you can be left feeling dry and tight, while too much can leave you feeling greasy or oily.? 

Fortunately, there is an easy way to determine how much of your favorite moisturizer to apply. Start by taking a pea-sized amount on your fingertips and rubbing it between both hands.? 

Next, massage the moisturizer into your skin in small circles, ensuring all areas have been covered.? 

When finished, your skin should feel soft and hydrated without being too greasy or oily.? 

And finally, always follow up with some sunblock to add another layer of protection against UV radiation and free radicals that can damage the skin over time. 


To look your best, using a face moisturizer is essential. Men’s face moisturizers are different than women’s in that they are made with natural ingredients and have SPF for sun protection.? 

There are many men’s face moisturizer brands on the market, so it is essential to do your research before purchasing one. However, by finding one that meets your needs, you’ll be sure to look and feel your best.